Adaptation Financial Advisors, Inc. A legacy company.

OKLAHOMA CITY, August 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adaptation Financial Advisors welcomes CEO and Founder, Alan Niemannyoungest daughter on the team as an insurance professional.

Alan Niemann, CEO and founder of Adaptation Financial Advisors (AFA) has been helping clients build their legacies for 38 years with one goal in mind: taking care of their clients, employees and their families. Especially over the past 5 years, Niemann has been working to ensure that his customers and employees continue to be taken care of after his departure. Most advisors have this same concern about whether it is better to find a successor within the company or sell to a third party. Niemann has decided that a third option is the best course of action to truly make sure his customers and employees are taken care of: AFA becomes a legacy company.

At this year’s family retreat, it was visible to see the next generation emerge with over 40 children in attendance, ranging in age from newborns to early twenties. Adaptation’s goal is to offer each of these children the opportunity to join the AFA in the future. To facilitate this, AFA helps our advisers to establish a buy-sell agreement. The buy-sell agreement gives family members the right to pass on the relationships the current advisor has built with their clients to the next generation. If a family member is not ready, AFA will buy the practice until they are ready, so the advisor does not have to worry about how their legacy will be passed on. This is our overall goal: that the grandchildren of the AFA will be at the service of the grandchildren of our customers in the future.

The beginning of the legacy program are the 2 daughters of the founders, Avery and Ashton Niemann.


March 2021| Avery Niemann He started with Adaptation Financial to act as a liaison between the family and the business after Alan was in a motorcycle accident and was unable to be in charge for a period of time. Avery is currently based in Denver, Colorado and has managed to become the administrative director of Adaptation Financial.

“I found my way into the family business out of necessity and during a crisis,” says Avery. “I would hate to repeat last year, but I am beyond grateful for the in-depth look at the family business and what my father has built over the past 38 years. I am very excited to be a part of a legacy business . where I can bring my own strengths and ideas while working with such a talented team to ensure that the next generation after me can one day have the same privilege of working at Adaptation.”


August 2022| Ashton Niemann he is welcome to the company as an insurance professional on his way to becoming a financial advisor. Ashton recently graduated from TCU, where he received a degree in finance and was actively involved on campus holding leadership positions in his fraternity. Alpha Delta Pi. Beyond his academic engagement activities, Ashton worked for the outdoor program as a trip leader.

“Although the name of the business has changed, I have very early memories of Adaptation,” says Ashton. “I grew up knowing many of my father’s clients, a few who are now like family to me. My father also taught my sister and I the importance of money management and life insurance from very young. I am now looking forward to pursuing a career as a future financial advisor in a business that has been a part of my life and will be there for many years to come.”


Adaptation Financial, Inc is a hybrid independent registered investment advisory firm with over $750 million of client assets under management. The firm currently has 6 offices in 3 states and serves individual investors through a variety of financial services: tax and estate planning, property and casualty, stock options with a phantom stock plan, and more. The securities are offered through registered representatives of Cambridge Investment. Research Inc., a broker-dealer, member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services are through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a registered investment advisor. Financial planning services are through Adaptation Financial Advisors, Inc., a registered investment advisor. Cambridge and Adaptation Financial Advisors are not affiliated.

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