Wilhelm von Haller is CFO of Lysando AG

TRIESENBERG, Liechtenstein–(BUSINESS THREAD)–Lysando AG, the market leader in the field of antimicrobial proteins, is pleased to announce that Wilhelm von Haller has joined the team as CFO this March. Baron von Haller is an expert in corporate finance, having been an apprentice for over 30 years as a senior executive in various positions at the Deutsche Bank Group.

“Wilhelm von Haller brings exactly the kind of experience in global finance and business operations that we need now. In addition, as an advisor he has had the opportunity to learn about Artilysin® technology for many years. Together, these are important factors for succeed in the new role and fuel our future growth,” says the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lysando AG, Count Markus Matuschka of Greiffenclau. “Recent developments have confirmed that we have made the right choice with Wilhelm von Haller, as he has already been giving Lysando many important new boosts.”

Wilhelm von Haller took over as CFO on March 1, 2022. In addition, Baron von Haller is actively involved in various supervisory boards and advisory committees.

“The last few years have highlighted the importance of innovation in medicine, especially when it comes to infectious diseases. Lysando has developed one of the most promising technologies in the field of fighting bacterial infections,” says CFO Wilhelm von Haller. “Being part of the Lysando team and having the opportunity to contribute the know-how that I have been able to accumulate over the past decades in a progressive company fills me with pride.”

About Lysando AG

Lysando AG is the market leader in antimicrobial proteins, the so-called Artilysin®. They can effectively eliminate problem-causing bacteria without the associated high risk of resistance formation and microbial imbalances. Artilysin® is an innovative, patented and environmentally friendly technology with a wide range of applications: in human and veterinary medicine, but for example also in cosmetics.

Lysando AG’s research facility is Lysando Innovations Lab GmbH, located in the Regensburg BioPark. BioPark Regensburg fosters companies in biotechnology, medical technology, diagnostics and analysis, as well as local healthcare management.


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