WATCH LIVE: Money Without Borders with CNBC’s Bob Pisani — 4/21/22

WATCH LIVE: Money Without Borders with CNBC's Bob Pisani — 4/21/22

Traditionally, the management and regulation of money has been the purview of governments and central banks. The emergence of cryptocurrency and fintech is creating a shift where third-party exchanges are playing a bigger role in the valuation of money while presenting individuals with new challenges and opportunities. But how do we understand the risks and rewards of this new reality? How will it impact the future of investing, the global economy, and even the MetaVerse? How will this influence the future prosperity of Generation Z? And what roles should schools and communities play in preparing young people today? Young people from around the world will be given the opportunity to raise these and other questions with a panel of experts versed in cryptocurrency, monetary policy, and the global economy as part of “Money Without Borders: A Virtual Summit.”

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WATCH LIVE: Money Without Borders with CNBC’s Bob Pisani — 4/21/22

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