Safe Security presents free assessments to provide reliable financial risk calculations for cyber attacks and cyber insurance discussions

PALO ALTO, Calif.– (BUSINESS THREAD)–Secure security, a global leader in cybersecurity risk quantification and management, today announced two industry-first assessment tools to empower organizations to make holistic financial decisions based on their actual cyber risk. At no cost, organizations can access Safe Security’s interactive cost calculator as well as the Cyber ​​Insurance Assessment, which are designed to enable data-driven discussions about risk and coverage requirements.

“Executive leadership from the CEO and board members, to CISOs, risk teams and CFOs are asking questions like, ‘How much will a cyber attack cost us?’ Or, “how much should our cyber insurance cost?” Today, these leaders either have no financial figure or have a financial figure from a ‘black box’ approach that they can’t explain or trust,” said Saket Modi, co-founder and CEO of Safe Security. “Based on our research, Safe Security gives organizations the opportunity to understand the financial impact of a cyber attack with full visibility into how the assessment is calculated so you can trust and explain the numbers. Knowledge is power, and our mission is to provide you with an unbiased assessment that can be used for risk discussions and insurance negotiations.”

Interactive cost calculator for cyberattacks

Safe Security’s Interactive Cyber ​​Attack Cost Calculator is a free, adjustable calculator that helps organizations understand their potential financial risk due to a cyber attack, such as ransomware. The easy-to-use assessment collects company-specific inputs and provides a cost estimate based on Safe Security’s cost model that takes into account the cost drivers associated with security incidents. The output can be customized to an organization’s parameters to further refine the estimate.

To understand your organization’s financial risk from a cyberattack based on your exact business context, visit Learn more about the research and methodology behind the Secure Security Cost Model, plus case studies, here.

Assessment of domestic cyber insurance

Safe Security’s cyber insurance assessment helps businesses better understand their cyber health and lower premiums. Cyber ​​insurance premiums continue to rise despite increased investments in cybersecurity. Businesses can get specific guidance on how their cybersecurity risk position compares to others in the same industry, how much coverage they need, and the key actions they should take to ensure a successful cyber insurance renewal.

The SAFE platform performs a cyber risk assessment based on the following data points:

API sources from the organization’s internal technology environment Maturity of the organization’s cybersecurity policies and products

The assessment is open to companies using a public cloud platform (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure). If your organization’s cyber insurance renewal is coming up or you’re a broker looking for information, visit to request a free assessment.

For more information on secure security, visit

About safe security

Safe Security is a leader in cybersecurity and digital business risk quantification management, with a mission to build a safer digital future. Safe’s Cyber ​​Risk Quantification and Management (CRQM) platform enables organizations to manage cyber risks in real time. Its platform automatically collects signals from inside and outside the company’s environment to provide the company’s specific cyber risk rating, or SAFE score, the financial impact of a potential breach and an action plan . This allows organizations to have a common language across teams, from the board to an analyst, to align with a consistent risk metric. Other benefits include justifying investments in cybersecurity and purchasing cyber insurance for the organization. For more information, visit


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