River Financial Launches Fee-Free Bitcoin Recurring Orders

River Financial Launches Fee-Free Bitcoin Recurring Orders

COLUMBUS, Ohio, August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — River Financial (river.com), a leading Bitcoin technology and financial services company, launches fee-free Bitcoin recurring orders, making it hassle-free with dollar-cost averaging in Bitcoin. River customers will not pay trading fees for recurring orders starting one week after a recurring order is placed.

River Financial (river.com) Launches Fee-Free Bitcoin Recurring Orders, Making It Perfect For Average Dollar Cost BTC

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Dollar cost averaging is an effective way to accumulate Bitcoin over the long term as it reduces exposure to price volatility. With commission-free recurring orders, River customers can take advantage of low Bitcoin prices and accumulate more Bitcoin than ever before.

“The best time to start buying Bitcoin was when you first heard about it. The second best time is now,” he said Alex LeishmanCEO of River.

River is on a mission to create high-quality financial products based on Bitcoin. Along with fee-free recurring orders, River makes it easy to trade, hold and mine Bitcoin the united states. Customers have access to white-glove service and support, plus full asset management through river.com and the River iOS app.

“River is the most trusted brand in Bitcoin,” Leishman said. “We believe in safety, transparency and service. Our goal is to help our clients build long-term wealth through Bitcoin.”

About River Financial

River Financial is a Bitcoin technology and financial services company. River offers the full suite of Bitcoin brokerage, custody and mining services in one easy-to-use mobile app and beyond. river.com. River serves individuals, businesses, family offices and investment funds looking to grow Bitcoin wealth.

For more information, visit river.com or follow us on Twitter @River.

CONTACT: [email protected]

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