PRESS RELEASE-Financial Times – 5 August

August 5 (Reuters) – The following are the top stories from the Financial Times. Reuters has not verified these stories and does not guarantee their accuracy.


Goldman credit card business under investigation by consumer finance watchdog

Warner Bros Discovery bids time on ‘spend, spend, spend’ streaming model

Ofgem’s move to change UK energy price cap criticized by campaigners

US declares public health emergency due to rapid spread of monkeypox


Goldman Sachs has admitted it is struggling over its loss-making foray into retail banking, revealing that the US consumer finance regulator is investigating how it handles accounts in its credit card business.

Warner Bros Discovery has called time on Hollywood’s all-out bet on streaming, abandoning a growth-at-any-cost strategy in favor of a more traditional approach to selling its movies and shows for “maximum value”.

Energy regulator Ofgem confirmed on Thursday that the energy price cap would change every three months instead of twice a year.

The US government has declared a public health emergency in response to the spread of monkeypox in a move that will provide federal health agencies with additional funding and powers to fight the virus.

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