Presentation of the field of cryptographic utilities

Commerce, business transactions, payment gateways, etc. all have a shared pattern of development which is simply called evolution. Technology is at the heart of the earth’s survival, perfecting man’s mange into an enviable one. With the two mentioned; trade transactions and technology, the goal will always be to eradicate obstacles to development. Understandably, there will always be a set of people who are still comfortable with the old way of doing business, however, those with open minds understand the benefits of innovation and its potential to disrupt the financial world

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies need no introduction as it made a supersonic entry with immediate impacts. It goes without saying that Blockchain technology is ridiculously phenomenal. And while cryptocurrency leads the way for utilities on the blockchain, the technology itself is much more than that. Digitizing the ownership of assets with unique signatures that are then stored on the distributed ledger (NFT), increasing the combination (AR) with virtual reality (VR) in the computer-generated realm (metaverse), allowing consumers to buy and sell the ‘excess energy in a trustless way, innovating blockchain-based solutions specifically for the improvement of the capital market, streamlining trade finance agreements across different borders, paving the way for the best innovation in insurance with smart contracts etc. It is overwhelming to understand that the blockchain industry has become one of the main catalysts for groundbreaking innovations.

Manilla Finance took this technology and, without slowing down, became a powerhouse for massive utilities beyond the aforementioned. This ecosystem adopted different technological solutions and models to integrate cryptography into the day-to-day activities of its owners. Many bottlenecks have been removed. Now, crypto users are closer to their assets than ever before. Before that, a look at the Manilla Finance ecosystem.

The application of revolutionary Manilla

In P2P exchanges, users buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly with each other with little or no involvement of a third party. Peer-to-peer protocols allow the system to work effortlessly. Replacing the centralized server as used in centralized exchanges are multiple computer nodes running the same software program known as smart contracts. Manilla P2P has raised the standard. Cryptocurrency trading is now more than just trading. As of now, users will be able to exchange over 1000 tokens that include a mix of Layer 1, 2 and DeFi tokens.

Crushed complex bottleneck

Complexity issues commonly experienced in exchanges have been resolved. Technology and industry is complex enough. It is, to the point of making newcomers feel overwhelmed, causing many to lose interest before even starting. If the opportunities presented by cryptocurrency investments are to reach more users, the complexity issues need to be solved first. Manilla Finance is the first platform that makes P2P trading completely easy for the not-so-savvy and experienced. The interface is intuitive and highly responsive on all devices. Pages load quickly and everything is attention to detail.

Multi-level security

Both security and data privacy are two basic pillars on which the Manilla Finance foundation is based. With the growing use of cryptocurrency exchanges comes cybercrimes consisting of hacking attacks from external sources and attempts at user-initiated fraudulent activities. Peer-to-peer trading may expose users to trading risks. Not only users, but over the years, many exchanges have also been successful. Exploring and analyzing the causes of hacks in cryptocurrency exchanges, it is mainly due to the gaps left in their software cores. It’s not like the exchanges aren’t paying attention. Technology just has its way of requiring updates, improvements and upgrades. That’s why Manilla Finance is equipped with industry-leading protocols, some of which are premium SSL certificates, Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC), HTTP parameter pollution protection, Denial of Service (DoS) protection ), distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection. and two-factor authentication (2FA). In addition to the above, we perform scheduled security audits to keep the exchange secure at all times. The audit profiles deployed are SOC1 Audit, SOC2 Audit, SOC3 Audit, and SOC Audit for Cyber ​​Security. Rest assured, we have it completely resolved and of course under control.

Strong KYC and AML verification

In our efforts to harmonize identity verification and stabilize anti-fraud processes, we have implemented a global standard and robust KYC and AML verification protocols in this exchange. This is a comprehensive portal that has adopted more advanced security protocols to keep both the platform and users safe. Protocols prevent fraudulent activities through a futuristic transformation.

Introducing Manilla Service Suite: Scalability beyond the business

Utilities are what represent values. Really, a painting could be acquired for a million dollars for some God knows what hidden meaning it has or the reputation of the artist; but with no use to others, the madness stays with the owner and only those who share what most see as nothing more than fantasy. There are very complex graphics. Sophisticated systems also exist. But what drives cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption are the serious benefits that investors; online with developers lead to play.

Manilla Finance stands for one thing: a boundless devotion and ability to deliver incredible use cases for digital asset owners and investors. This is why it is considered an all-in-one suite of services for cryptocurrency users. The suite of services allows users to seamlessly top up data and airtime balances effortlessly. So you can spend your crypto asset effortlessly in this regard without going through the phase of crypto-fiat conversions. Users in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda can pay electricity bills from their crypto balances as we have integrated a payment gateway with PHCN of Nigeria, KenGen PLC of Kenya and UEGCL of Uganda. We are working hard to integrate this service for other countries, as well as others such as water payments and public cable TV services for all countries, and these will be available in future versions of our apps.

You can also buy dozens of gift cards from popular retailers around the world and pay from your crypto balance in the Manilla app. Popular gift cards such as iTunes, Amazon, eBay, xBox and local can be purchased with one click.

In the course of making Manilla a complete exchange that allows users to do all kinds of operations with their digital assets, the exchange protocol was integrated. This ensures a seamless exchange of one cryptocurrency for another of demands. Our exchange widget makes exchanging coins easy and straightforward without the trader having to shell out any additional fees. There’s more… By staking some or all of your assets, you avoid the premature outflow of your assets. Our staking protocol offers a high yield of up to 15% APR, making it one of the best you can get in the industry.

An important feature of our participation protocol is that holders who participate in Manilla Finance’s native token for 365 days are eligible to join the DAO for open government and enjoy a 40% profit share generated by the platform in any fiscal year. Finally, our lending service protects users from selling at a loss by providing stablecoin accessibility and keeping their tokens highly volatile, all at a very low price.

About Manila Finance

Founded in 2021, Manilla Finance is a product of Manilla Technologies Ltd, a Web3 software powered company, developed to solve the main challenges faced by Blockchain users and users to access cryptocurrencies seamlessly. The company is home to a large cohort of Web3 developers from West Africa, South Asia and North America.

Manilla’s flagship product is the Manilla Finance app which hosts the P2P portal – a method of exchange that allows traders to trade directly with each other without the need for a centralized third party to facilitate transactions. This means that cryptocurrency traders exchange their assets with another crypto holder or fiat holder. Merchants have the flexibility to use other instruments of exchange for exchange than fiat. The platform aims to solve the challenges facing access to crypto from exchanges, as most exchanges may not allow direct fiat funding. While the Service Suite was developed to give a progressive use case and utility to crypto assets.

To learn more about this highly innovative and scalable project, visit Manilla Finance official website and join our growing community of potential users and investors Twitter i telegram


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