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The NGO Motiv Inc. has recently launched 16 circular bitcoin economies in Peru. The NGO has launched a series of programs for communities to encourage financial inclusion. Motiv offers tools for making bitcoin transactions, starting businesses, and higher education opportunities.

Motiv Inc., a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to financial inclusion, has launched its curriculum of Life Saving Step programs that help underserved communities become better equipped to escape cycles of poverty and violence, according to a statement from press sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

Motiv previously announced the launch of 16 circular bitcoin economies that are helping impoverished Peruvian communities enter the global economy in a way that was previously alien to them. Now, Motiv has launched a series of programs that allow them to successfully implement these economies.

Motiv’s first program is Pay With Bitcoin, which provides introductory banking and financial education while showing people how to transact in bitcoin. Then there is the Inclusive Professional Education Movement (IVEM) which trains people in professional skills that provide employment opportunities while also preparing them for higher education.

In addition, Motiv Tech will enable those who take advantage of professional training and education to help develop and maintain Motiv’s hardware and software infrastructure for both internal and external applications.

In addition, Motiv offers training, guidance, funding options and ongoing mentoring for entrepreneurs looking to build Bitcoin businesses in a program called Entrepreneurship for Everyone.

In addition, Motiv Kids helps teach children social skills, education and offers them extracurricular activities.

Finally, Motiv Nexus will leverage the NGO’s existing infrastructure, retail businesses and service providers to provide local vocational training centers and wholesale distribution centers to communities.

“We created these programs because we believe that everyone deserves to have the education and access to the basic skills to survive on a daily basis,” said Richard Swisher, CEO and co-founder of Motiv Inc. “By implementing our programs, the people we serve are given the support and means to help build their own communities.”


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