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LACROFT – Liverpool Township trustees met Tuesday afternoon at their administration building and all were present.

Highway Superintendent Chris Bosworth told administrators the department used 19,900 gallons of emulsion this year and wrapped up its chip and stamp program. He said he has contacted the gas department regarding the road damage and the township will be reimbursed $900. Trustees also gave Bosworth permission to purchase $2,000 worth of cold patch and spend $2,344.32 on service for the loader.

He also said he removed the striping from the Dunn Road line since the road was not chipped and sealed this year and needs two rear tires at a cost of $2,000, which was approved.

Actions included trustee approval of supplemental appropriations to department funds: $3,000 for fire (fuel), $2,000 for police (natural gas), $5,000 for cemetery (property services), as well as a reallocation of $7,000 from the Road and Bridge Fund principal payment. $4,000 (repair and maintenance) and $3,000 (operating supplies) notes.

Fiscal Officer Shirley Flati also reported that the township received $230.30 from the fuel tax it applied for in January for the Highway Department. He also said he completed all of July’s bank reconciliation as well as Ohio Municipal Risk Management Administration (OTARMA) recommendations and completed his share of policy recommendations, job descriptions and forms for administrators to review. He also filed the tax bill with the Columbiana County Board of Elections.

Trustee Mike Bahen shared the report of the fire department in the absence of the fire chief and explained the timeline of the two fire trucks that are currently being built for the township, but was not sure when they would arrive.

Police Chief Jared Kinemond reported that one of the cruisers was involved in an accident and the insurance company is unsure whether to total the vehicle or make repairs. He also said he was denied a drug awareness to establish DARE because they had no openings left for the department to join the program. However, he went ahead and sought a subsidy through the insurance company. Kinemond also updated that East Liverpool City Schools did approve the updated school resource officer contract.

During the public portion, Devin Martin of Ada Street asked for information about the abandonment of an alley to cut off traffic near his home. He was told to approach the Columbiana County Commissioners and the County Engineer.

Marion Perkins, who coordinates the township’s litter control program, reported that between six and eight workers to clean up the litter on August 27. He requested two cruisers to help keep workers safe, which will be provided by the Juvenile Court, and a box of trash bags during the three-and-a-half-hour cleanup. He is also asking for Juvenile Court workers at the end of September.

Trustees will meet at 3pm on August 23rd in the administration building.

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