Just Got A Double Digit Dividend RAISE! Passive Dividend Income At It’s Best

Just Got A Double Digit Dividend RAISE! Passive Dividend Income At It's Best

We just got a double digit dividend raise for doing absolutly nothing. That is passive dividend income at it’s best.
In this portfolio update I go over the stocks that have declared a dividend raise so far.
We also go over the portfolio update and see how much the dividend snowball grew this week. Gotta love passive income.

Let’s grow that snowball ?

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What’s up everybody, this is Investing Sensei here to bring you another video.

This video goes over the update for week 130 of the portfolio on the M1 platform.
In this video I show the update for this past week. We got $0 amazing dividends this week :(.

In this update I also cover all of the stocks that raised their dividend so far in the month of April. Gotta love dividend investing.
Stay tuned to find out ?

Also Check out the dividends that we got for the month of March:

Link to tutorial:
How to get holdings from any brokerage into Google Sheets & get projected dividend income:

Links to the dividend script tutorial versions:

Version 1:
Version 2:
Version 3:
Version 4:
Version 5:

Link to how to setup the dividend email alerts:

Check out @GGG Investor :

Link to My Google Sheets:
Just click on the link and go to “File” followed by “Make a copy”
This should make a copy under your own drive that you can make your own ?

Link to Monthly Dividend Payout Challenge playlist:
Link to Weekly Portfolio Update Challenge playlist:

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This is not intended to be investment advice. So please consider consulting with a licensed professional.

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