Journey from Crores to Zero to Crores in Stock Market

Journey from Crores to Zero to Crores in Stock Market

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0:00 Introduction
2:24 Speaker’s background/ Trading journey
13:42 History of Derivative trading
20:11 What is Trading?
31:33 Why & how should everyone do investing?
35:06 What is “probability” in Trading?
39:45 The Holy Grail of Trading
50:55 Mind (set) Management
53:14 The Pre Frontal Cortex
1:02:19 Basal Ganglia
1:07:41 The Inverted “U”
1:11:36 Record , Note & Revise
1:14:05 Rules & unruly Exceptions!
1:16:07 Personality & Your Own Rule
1:23:46 Capital, Risk management & stop Loss
1:30:41 Discipline is the Key
1:32:22 DT system
1:38:30 Trading Journal & Homework
1:42:23 Trading Setups & Evolutions
1:55:41 Summary & Wrap up

Watch Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge and elearnmarkets talk all about trading with Mr. Jitender Singh.

He did his initial schooling at Lucknow and his graduation in Economics (Bronze medalist), and then he pursued his MBA. He also completed the DataBase Administrator Course from Oracle Corp, USA, and was introduced to the world of trading in 2006, and now has a trading experience of 16 years.
An expert in Psychology, its development, management, and disciplined execution. His
main forte is trading in derivatives such as options & futures.

In this video, our speaker will deep dive into the psychology of trading and explain to you the techniques that can be applied for maximum profit. It begins with how he started his trading journey, his background, and what his experience has taught him about trading.

He suggests that investing is better than trading, which he will explain in detail, and as an experienced trader he also talks about how and when trading should be done. The history of trading, why investing is better, and how trading should be done with the right mindset, all will be covered in this video.

The presentation begins with the trader survival rate, which includes the DT system, VWAP, EMA, and charts. This can be a great learning experience for our traders. More will be explained in this video with more clarity and topics such as the human brain and the various parts that govern our different actions.

We need to have a set mindset before we start trading and find a way to save ourselves from risk through a risk management plan. The philosophy behind trading is also discussed by our speaker as he has a set mindset in regard to the stock market.

You can think about trading as a career and have a set plan if you watch this video on Trading as a Career is possible only if you do this !!!

You can find him on Twitter- (@jitendder33)

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