ISRO’s Sunday stunner! SSLV-D1 maiden flight from Sriharikota carries 2 satellites: EOS02, Azaadisat

ISRO, India’s premier space agency, wrote another impressive story on Sunday after the successful liftoff of SSLV-D1, which carries two satellites. Dubbed as the next generation mission, the SSLV takes the Indian Space Research Organization into a new realm. The SSLV-D1 mission is carrying a student satellite and an Earth observation satellite, according to the latest reports. In addition to the scientists and technical team, the general public was also invited to watch the spectacular sight of the explosion at the Sriharikota spaceport. The countdown for SSLV, which stands for Small Satellite Launch Vehicle, was completed after seven-and-a-half hours, ISRO says.

The 34-metre-long SSLV rocket lifted off from the Satish Dhawan Space Center at 9:18 am on Sunday morning. Although initial progress was very smooth, about 12 minutes into orbit, the mission developed some technical problems. As of now, ISRO has not said anything on this issue. ISRO’s SSLV-D1 is essentially a three-stage mission with solid fuel as its primary power source.

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Latest reports say that ISRO’s commercial arm, New Space India Ltd, is considering and may soon transfer the SSLV technology to the private sector for rocket production.

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Talking about EOS-02, ISRO says that the experimental optical imaging satellite has a very high spatial resolution. Essentially, EOS-02 will determine ISRO’s rapid launch capabilities to the world. On the significance of Sunday’s launch, an official said the global space stage will be dominated by the launch of small satellites and hence it is important for ISRO to stay ahead in the race. EOS-02 is part of the microsatellite series.

ISRO has now confirmed that the SSLV campaign has suffered “data loss” in the terminal stage. ISRO chief S Somnath says the space agency is looking into the extent and nature of the data loss. Meanwhile, SpaceKidz India has said that the fate of AzaadiSAT will be known only at night. What can be confirmed as of now is that AzaadiSAT separated from the SSLV mission.


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