GO in the knowledge: Social Security questions answered, Robinhood issues and the best financial news for August 3

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If you need help getting over the hump on this day, check out our roundup of the biggest financial stories out there. Lots of good stuff here today.

The big advantage: the 8 most frequently asked questions about Social Security have been answered

Social Security is a big program that affects many people, so questions about how to receive benefits, age limits, direct deposit, and other common topics often come up. GOBankingRates breaks down the most frequently asked questions, as noted by the SSA.

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Featured Business: Robinhood

Robinhood announced it was laying off 23% of its staff, following the 9% it laid off in April. While employees across all functions will be affected, the changes will be concentrated in the company’s operations, marketing and program management areas, according to CEO Vlad Tenev.

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This is interesting: upward trends in employment

Employment is increasing as workers, given the current market, are finding higher wages outside of their current positions. But could changing jobs too often damage your career beyond repair?

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Bonus: Got a teenage driver? Here’s how to save on insurance

Back to school means many added costs for parents, from supplies for K-12 kids to books and tuition for college freshmen. But one thing parents may not consider is how expensive it can be to have a new or teenage driver.

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