Gas prices fall across the country and the top financial news for August 5

US Economy Shrinks: Enters Technical Recession and Top Financial News for July 29

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It’s (almost) time to start the weekend! Catch up with today’s major financial stories now before going out. See you on Monday!

The big plus: Gas prices are falling across the country, except in these states

Analysts say the recent nationwide drops in gas prices are coming from less demand at the pump and a drop in crude oil prices, reports The Wall Street Journal. However, not all states are experiencing large price drops.

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Business Spotlight: 17 States With Back-to-School Tax Holidays

Whether your back-to-school shopping list includes new tech or just new clothes, you may be able to save on your purchases if you live in one of these 17 states that have back-to-school tax holidays school

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This is interesting: how much of a stimulus did the average person in your state receive

To determine how much the average person in each state received in stimulus payments, GOBankingRates used IRS data to generate a state-by-state breakdown.

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Bonus: Check out GOBankingRates’ Small Business Spotlight 2022

In case you missed it, our 2022 Small Business Spotlight is live! Check out featured local businesses from across the United States and learn how you can support small businesses.

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