FINANCIAL UNCERTAINTY: Better representation is needed at all levels

I have always voted for schools, but the recent tax proposal that we will be voting on on August 30th and what the state will do next session has left me very confused as to how it will affect my limited financial resources.

If I pass the local tax and then our state legislature imposes another financial hit, that could be devastating to the finances of those people who are barely hanging on to their homes.

It is inconceivable that with more than a billion dollar surplus in Idaho coffers, we still have a grocery tax and face another hit to our house payments due to inadequate state funding of facility expenses. very necessary school facilities.

I hope people will vote for representatives at all levels of government, not only to address these financial issues, but also to protect our voting rights and our democracy.

It seems to me that the people who make the rules, are in a high financial situation and are not able to relate to the rest of us who are not so high and suffer because of the inflated prices/costs of basic necessities .


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