Financial analyst says Arsenal will make money from new markets

Kieran Maguire believes Arsenal are making the right business decisions as they continue to expose their brands to new markets.

Mikel Arteta’s side have been progressing on the pitch and the club have spent big to capitalize on every success.

These funds come from somewhere and the club will have to recover them.

They have partnered with different brands from various industries exposing them to new markets, some of which have never been explored by a football club.

A financial expert, Maguire believes it’s a smart thing to do, and hopes it will pay off for the Gunners, eventually.

He says Football Insider: “The demographic expansion is massive from the perspective of football clubs.

“Our lives may be ruled by football, but that’s not the case for everyone you know. Having people who can introduce the club to a new audience is absolutely critical.

“For many people, football is not a sport but a computer game, for example. EA recently launched their accounts and they have generated huge profits through the Fifa series of games.

Arsenal’s opinion only

A healthy football club needs a lot of money to run and we need to use our resurgence to partner with more companies and make more money.

Although Arteta and his team focus on the footballing side, we can trust that the club’s managers play their role very well off the pitch.

We hope this season brings us success both on and off the field.

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