Evgo Stock sees relative strength rating jump to 92

Evgo Inc (EVGO) saw a positive improvement in its relative strength rating (RS) on Tuesday, from 89 to 92.


When looking for the best stocks to buy and watch, one factor to keep a close eye on is relative price strength. IBD’s unique RS Rating identifies market leadership using a score of 1 (worst) to 99 (best) that indicates how a stock’s price performance over the past 52 weeks compares to other publicly traded companies .

Over 100 years of market history shows that the biggest market winners tend to have an RS rating of 80 or better at the start of a new uptrend.

Looking for winning stocks? Try this simple routine

Now is not an ideal time to enter as it is nowhere near a proper buy zone, but watch if the stock manages to establish itself and enter a buy zone in heavy trading.

Evgo Inc saw both earnings and sales rise last quarter. Earnings per share increased from 0% to 500%. Income went from 86% to 90%.

The company ranks #15 among its peers in the Electric Power/Equipment industry group. Franklin Electric (THE MIDDLE), Encore Wire (FIL) and AZZ (AZZ) are among the top 5 most valued shares in the group.

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