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Financial planning can be daunting, but Levi Cutler believes his Oregon connection means something to his clients and makes the ongoing, lifelong process a little less stressful.

After graduating from Wartburg College in 2006, Cutler eventually founded and became the CEO of Cutler Financial Group in 2008. He decided to find office space for his company in the heart of the city where he grew up

“There is… power in person,” he said. “It’s definitely a strength, kind of a reassurance for people to know that we’re here in Central Oregon … to know that they have a place to go and talk to somebody.”

The company was founded with a “long-term” approach to investment management, retirement planning and group retirement planning. Rather than trying to time the market, getting in and out at the slightest hint of movement, the group wanted to provide stability to their clients’ financial obligations and be trusted advisors.

“We manage the accounts with discretion and we have the authority to make the necessary changes. But at the same time, we’re not trying to make any drastic changes,” Cutler said. “We just think that if you use solid investments, from solid investment management firms that have competitive costs and fee structures, over the long term, that’s where we have the best opportunity to help people.”

Cutler also noted a shift in the industry’s onus on individuals when it comes to 401ks and other “defined contribution plans.” The days of pensions began to wane, but people still continued to hold misconceptions of tradition and did not start saving. “I would say that Americans have more responsibility to save for retirement than there ever has been,” he noted.

“Maybe it’s out of sight, out of mind. They just keep getting busier and busier these days, between work life and personal life and things like that. Maybe they don’t spend as much time and energy talking about things like investments in saving for retirement,” he said. “One of the things you hear is that people are going to spend more time planning their summer vacation … then they will when it comes to investment management and retirement planning … So that’s where we can intervene to help people, to assume some of this responsibility for them”.

Aside from financial assistance, however, the group made a concerted effort to get even more involved in community support as Cutler, his wife, two children and two other employees within the business, the chief operating officer Jake Torpy and Customer Service Associate Hudson Kugel, call home. In the past, they have sponsored youth sports teams and events. They also helped Oregon focus public housing efforts for older populations.

“Having a team made up of people from this area is important to me and to our organization. Because we give a lot of local support,” Cutler said. “These are the places where we grew up. And this is where our children will probably grow up. So being here and having the opportunity to work within a great community like Oregon is very important to us.”

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