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The Coleman EDC Board of Directors, Type A and Type B, met on Thursday, August 11th at 6:00 pm at Coleman City Hall.

The Board approved the financial reports of CEDC (Type A) and CCC (Type B) presented by Kim Little, Executive Director of EDC.

The Board heard from several young people who recently participated in the Jr. Business Academy. Each gave information, and some gave examples, of the companies they are working on or are already producing. They all reported that they really enjoyed the Academy, learned a lot and had fun doing it. A separate article about this outstanding group of young people will follow.

Regarding the billboard vinyl replacement on the Junction property, the Board voted to approve up to $2,000 to install new billboard vinyl that will contain the new EDC logo and information.

Next on the agenda was the executive session. Agenda items for discussion included JL Palmer Boot Company, a project application by Lana Kading for Miss Charlotte’s Place at 402 W. Liveoak, real estate deliberations, 2.0 acres, located in the industrial park and personnel matters: evaluation and compensation of the director. of Economic Development. Before going into executive session, it was announced that the item dealing with Miss Charlotte’s Place was being removed from the agenda. The Board then went into executive session at 6:51 p.m.

The Board returned to open session at 8:21 p.m. Board President Joe Haynes announced that no action would be taken on JL Palmer Boot. Regarding action on the 2.0 acres of property, Haynes asked City Attorney Pat Chesser for a proposed action on the item.

The proposed motion, read by Chesser, was to “remove and authorize the President and Secretary of the Board to enter into a purchase agreement with Atmos to purchase two acres of land located in the industrial park. VOTE – The action was unanimously approved by all members of the Board.

Personnel Matters – Economic Development Director Evaluation and Compensation – Haynes commented “I will say there was a long evaluation process and it was discussed in Executive Session Economic Development Director Kim Little. It was also discussed in this time in Executive Session not only her work history here over the last seven years or so, but also the most recent work of the last two or three years and even the most recent work as Director of Economic Development. talk about the compensation of the Economic Development Director. I will have our city attorney read a proposed motion and if there is any action on that, I would hear a motion afterward,” Haynes said.

City Attorney Pat Chesser: “Mr. Chairman, my proposed motion would be to approve a raise for the Director of Economic Development in the amount of $900 per month.”

“Okay, you have heard the proposed motion regarding the compensation of the Director of Economic Development. Do I hear that motion?” Haynes asked.

VOTE – The board voted unanimously to approve a compensation increase of $900 per month to the director of economic development.

The next item of business was to consider, discuss or take action on the adoption of the FY 2023 budget for the CEDC and CCC. President Haynes explained that this item may need to be brought up because of the action taken to increase the compensation of the Director of Economic Development. He handed the article to the municipal director, Diana López.

“There are a couple of amendments that will have to go into the proposed budget before you. One relates to the sales tax. The other is that there are some adjustments that will have to be included before the Board act on the fiscal year 2023. budget. We ask that we bring this issue up and we will bring it up again at an upcoming meeting. There is plenty of time to do this process,” said City Manager Lopez. She went on to say, “Yes I want, and I will need the help of the city attorney here, on the action for the director, there was no effective date that was discussed. It is the decision of the Board if they would like it to be effective immediately or effective at a future date,” Lopez said. Chesser thought it would be the start of the fiscal year.

“It would be my suggestion, as chairman of the board, that we take this action at the beginning of the next fiscal year,” Haynes said. The next fiscal year begins on October 1, 2022.

“We will then move to table item E regarding the adoption of the FY 2023 budget for the CEDC and CCC until these amendments can be added and I am sure they will be brought up at our next meeting,” Haynes said.

Next was point no. 6, Management Report – Project Updates, Sales Tax

“It’s been a good month. It’s been a good year, honestly, and we still have a month left, so it’s looking pretty good,” Little said. “We’ve been trying to find out exactly why things are showing up the way they are and we think maybe fuel prices might have a little bit to do with it, but I just think people have really decided to shop local and support small businesses through of all the things we’ve been through with the COVID. This summer I think people have gotten out and traveled a little bit and I think we’ve been lucky to get some of that. We’ll see what September holds, but so far the numbers they’ve been really strong and really good,” Little said.

President Haynes recited the local sales tax payment to the City of Coleman from the State Comptroller’s Office. The amount reflects the sales tax collected during the month of June. The payment amount is $146,930.66. “Last year’s (June) payment or reimbursement check to the City was $107,851.65. That’s an increase, just a percentage, from my memory, from an increase of about 36.5% over last year’s payout,” Haynes said.

Regarding projects: Little informed the Board that Buckstop Truckware, the new industry opening a manufacturing plant in Coleman, planned to attend large outdoor shows in Dallas this weekend and San Antonio next weekend with a pickup that says Coleman, Texas. “They’re already representing our community in a positive way and they’re getting their product out there and trying to let people know that they’re going to be here and they’re going to be available to them,” Little said. Buckstop manufactures heavy-duty bumpers for off-road vehicles, work fleets, and fire and emergency vehicles.

Looking ahead: “We have a couple of (projects) that we might be able to make presentations on in September and then we have another project that is trying to secure some real estate that you might hear about in the near future,” Little said. and adds that he believes the momentum for continued growth is still there.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


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