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The Cherokee Nation Housing Authority is expanding the Cherokee Nation Homeowner Assistance Fund program to assist eligible citizens experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Cherokee Nation Homeowner Assistance Fund program will provide even more stability and security to our citizens who are still struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Principal Chuck Hoskin Jr. “Our citizens deserve to live in safety and dignity, without fear of losing their homes. The program is already helping our people and will directly impact hundreds of Cherokee families while strengthening our communities and creating positive generational impacts for all.”

The Homeowner Assistance Fund will be available to eligible mortgage holders until the funds are exhausted, which is estimated to be until 2026.

“The Homeowner Assistance Fund offered through the Cherokee Nation Housing Authority can help eligible Cherokee Nation citizens overcome certain challenges, such as delinquent mortgages and property taxes overdue, so they can remain in their homes. Chief Hoskin and his administration take the financial hardships of Cherokee citizens very seriously. The Cherokee Nation and the Cherokee Nation Housing Authority continue to navigate the COVID- 19 and this expansion of services is one of the great relief opportunities we can provide with funding through the US Department of the Treasury,” said HACN Interim Director Jerri Ann. killer

A complete list of eligibility guidelines can be found online at along with a link to the Homeowner Assistance Fund application.

Clifford and Esther Littledave of Mayes County recently found help through the Homeowner Assistance Fund.

“We were a little behind on our house payment with our financial needs and everything. We got a letter from the tribe saying we could get help with this program. We applied and went to Claremore for a budgeting class, and they really helped us learn how to budget each month. The program helped with our late house payments and in October we will be able to start paying ourselves,” said Esther.

The Housing Authority will give priority to applicants with homes located on the Cherokee Nation reservation, along with those with homes in a Kansas or Arkansas county that borders the Cherokee Nation reservation in Oklahoma.

For more information, visit or call 918-456-5482.

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