Cathie Wood: Why is China’s economy collapsing 2022

Cathie Wood: Why is China's economy collapsing 2022

Cathie Wood: Why is China’s economy collapsing 2022. Over the last two decades, China has developed into a global economic superpower. China has outperformed every other country on the planet in terms of economic growth. But what if I told you that China’s entire expansion was a hoax? That is how Ark’s CEO invests.
Cathy is on top of things, comparing China’s rise to Japan’s, including the 30-year economic calamity in the early 1990s, just like Japan’s GDP. A real estate bubble was the catalyst for this. The greatest housing bubble in history is currently taking place in China. I’ll go over everything from top to bottom in this video.
The world is about to realize China’s impending demise. China’s economy has developed significantly over the last 20 years, but real estate has accounted for a significant amount of that growth. Property developers have taken out loans to expand their portfolio of properties to hundreds of locations. This was due in part to China’s fast population increase, but speculation rose even more as home prices continued to rise year after year.

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