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The Bethlehem-Center School District’s proposed new curriculum for language arts and math is getting financial help from a local fundraiser.

The BeeGraphix 0.5K, held on July 29, raised $7,050, which will be donated to the district for kindergarten and first grade students.

Davis Slagle, vice president of BeeGraphix, said this was the event’s fourth year. He and his wife, along with their parents, are Beth-Center alumni. Additionally, the company has a location in Fredericktown.

“We have a business located in the Beth-Center school district,” Slagle said. “The idea was to try to raise money wherever it did not reach a group; everyone in this district can benefit.”

Slagle said the decision on where the money would go this year took some time.

“We knew the district was implementing a curriculum change,” she said. “We wanted to directly impact any group of kids that would have this curriculum change and push some money to give teachers the materials they need to teach this curriculum.”

The walk took place at the Green Cove Yacht Club in Clarksville and had 195 participants.

Slagle said a handful of Beth-Center teachers were on hand at the event to help with registration and participation.

Outdated textbooks and low scores on the Pennsylvania System for School Assessment (PSSA) test were among the factors that led the district to adopt a new curriculum for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. It will be funded with $322,000, acquired through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) of the American Rescue Plan.

Beth-Center Superintendent Donald MacFann said the school board is expected to approve a vendor for the curriculum at its Aug. 15 meeting.

“It took a little longer than normal, because we want to make sure we get what will benefit our kids to the best of their abilities,” MacFann said, “It really took us a while to narrow it down to what we need to improve. the learning of our K-8 children.”

MacFann said he hopes the curriculum can be implemented for students in kindergarten through fifth grade as soon as possible after approval.

This donation from BeeGraphix will be helpful as it will allow teachers to purchase materials to help kindergarten and first grade students with learning concepts such as the alphabet and number combinations.

“One of the concerns that kindergarten and first grade teachers have is the basic skills that some of our kids have,” MacFann said. “This ($7,050) will be great to allow them to purchase those resources to help some of these kids understand those concepts that will help them when they start to participate in the formal education process.”

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