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On August 3, the ASUW Interim Finance and Budget Committee met for the first time for the 2022-23 academic year. Chaired by Director of Finance and Budget Mitchell Klein, ASUW President Timothy Billing and Vice President Lillian Williamson were also in attendance, as was the Associate Director of the Office of Student Activities and ASUW Counselor , Rene Singleton.

Allusions were made during the meeting last year’s turmoil between the board of directors. This year’s board, including Billing and Williamson, largely operated with one stability platform and changes within the organization.

Throughout the nearly hour-long meeting, one of the committee’s main focuses was inventorying ASUW’s proprietary technology to determine what needs to be purchased before the start of fall quarter.

“We had one last year [laptop] disappears, one breaks from water damage, one breaks under mysterious circumstances and another has an internal problem,” Klein said.

Another topic discussed was outdated technology. Seconds The New York Times, the use of outdated technology can lead to an increase in cyber-attacks and other malfunctions. A computer is considered obsolete when it can no longer receive software updates.

“My technology philosophy is if it’s broken, we replace it,” Williamson said. “If it works, we don’t. I think that’s financially prudent.”

Williamson also encouraged future ASUW technology purchases to be Windows operating systems rather than Apple products.

The discretionary fund of the ASUW Board of Directors was also explained during the meeting. Established as a quarterly allowance for small purchases, such as meeting space reservation fees, the fund was largely inactive for the past two years due to ASUW’s shift to remote meetings.

“Exactly how we do it [the budget] it’s going to be different than other years,” Mitchell said. “The budget is malleable, once we set it, it can change.”

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