A financial expert discusses the benefits of the 2022 MO back-to-school sales tax holiday

KANSAS CITY, Mo — Missouri’s back-to-school sales tax weekend is active Friday through Sunday, and financial experts say now is the time to take advantage.

Depending on where consumers shop, savings of at least 4.225% are available. To see how much students could save, KSHB 41 News decided to shop for school supplies based on needed items in both Kansas City Public Schools and the Independence School District.

The items were mostly found and purchased at Artist & Craftsman Supply along Southwest Boulevard. For KCPS families whose students are in grades two through four, the total came to $124.23. With state sales tax removed on applicable items, the total came down to $114.12. Artist & Craftsman Supply also offers teacher and student discounts, bringing the total down to $102.69.

KSHB also bought independence Kindergarteners at Artist & Craftsman Supply. Excluding a few items, the total without state sales tax taken was $126.64. When the tax holiday was applied, the total dropped to $115.27. Plus, additional store-exclusive discounts brought the price down to $103.72.

“Inflation is currently 9.1%. The most important thing you can do to really help your spending align with your values ​​is to track it. We humans aren’t great at mentally tracking where our money goes,” said Mallory Baska, a financial expert who started her business Financial Freedom.

Baska is known everywhere Social media to give financial advice, he says, helps people become financially independent and secure. He says that even if consumers aren’t shopping back-to-school, taking advantage of the weekend can help save big on upcoming events and the holiday season.

“Whether it’s a present for someone, a wedding or a birthday coming up, or obviously Christmas, which is about four months away, start making a list of what you’ll need to buy and have it available.” Baska said.

For more information on Missouri’s back-to-school sales tax weekend, visit the state web site.


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